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Unibet Ireland’s Hype

Unibet is a global casino phenomenon, serving 100 countries and 9.5 million customers, with 650 employees. Unibet Ireland caters to the country’s bettors by providing a deep selection of gaming opportunities, such as casino games, sportsbook, live casino, lottery, and bingo. By offering something for everyone, the conglomerate continues to grow exponentially. Its solid online reputation expands customer growth daily, giving Unibet the foundation for future dominance in the market.


Committed to a seamless user experience, Unibet maintains the broadest betting operation on the internet. Online sports betting began around the same time the first internet casino took a bet in the mid-90s. Founded in 1997, Unibet’s growth is fuelled by sports betting, which allows the company to cater to a niche market. With the rise of online betting, sports fans place bets online from any location at any time. The convenience attracts a large percentage of the more than two billion mobile phone users. Bettors can now place a bet while on the go or at home, without the inconvenience of visiting a land-based sports betting establishment.

Since gambling is legal in Ireland, Unibet fits right in by offering betting for horse racing, the country’s most popular sports gambling category. The casino also provides bettors with a diverse array of sports betting options. Each year Irish citizens spend billions gambling offline and online. So much money is spent that the Irish government had a difficult time collecting tax revenues on it all. Now, each online casino must have a licence in Ireland to legally offer services to Irish citizens.


Unibet has lottery betting down to a science. Gamblers pick a number to bet on the outcome of a lottery from drawings around the globe. By offering customers the opportunity to bet on lotteries almost everywhere, the company has become the largest lottery establishment on the net. When the correct numbers hit, Unibet pays the winnings. All a bettor must do is pick the lottery he wants to place a wager on and the numbers he thinks will win. If a patron picks the winning numbers, the proceeds are deposited into his Unibet account. All a winner must do to receive the cash is sign into the account and withdraw the money within 12 weeks.

The casino’s system doesn’t use tickets, but quick picks are available, like a land-based lottery system. If a player wants Unibet’s system to choose the lottery numbers, they simply click the random button. The more numbers a player chooses in the drawing he’s wagering on, the better his chances of winning.


Playing bingo is just as fun online. A player buys a digital bingo card, which contains a number grid. The system draws random number balls. When a player has matching numbers on the bingo card, the number is marked. If a player’s card has numbers in a whole row across, diagonally, or in a column, the ticket is a winner. Depending on the game, all the numbers marked on the card may also win.

Unibet offers different bingo variations for players, including 75-ball and 75-ball variant. Seventy-five balls are drawn and the first player to get the numbers wins. The casino pays out prizes for two to four lines, with the final prize paid for the entire card filled in. Another game is 90-ball, which includes 90 drawn balls. Players, who mark off one to two lines or a full card, win. Bingo is available at home or on-the-move. Bettors can visit the bingo section of Unibet’s website on a tablet or smartphone for a mobile bingo experience.


Live Casino

Like its land-based counterparts, Unibet offers live casino action. Players may place bets with a live dealer on a variety of traditional casino games, including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Also, recent game shows are available, giving a player thrilling excitement with TV favourites.

Live Blackjack

A casino favourite for many players, blackjack pits skilled bettors against the house and each other. Even newbies can get in on the action. It’s a simple game to learn. The dealer gives each player two cards. A player closest to 21 once he adds up the numbers on the cards wins. A player may request another card if he thinks it may help him win the game. Of course, if the third card puts the player over 21, he loses.

Live Roulette

Live roulette captures all the casino excitement and brings it directly to a player’s home via video streaming. Play the game in real-time, interacting with the Unibet employee on chat. Bet and spin. It’s that simple. The only difference is bettors may interact live, yet still sit in the comforts of home while playing.

Live Baccarat

With two hands, the player and the banker, Unibet offers live baccarat. Easy to play and challenging to master, this lively card game pits experienced players against one another in a match to determine the best of the hands. Even better, live play creates a thrilling, suspenseful atmosphere, as each bettor take a chance on his own ability to master the cards.

Live Game Shows

A bettor may play his favourite game show live on the Unibet Ireland website. With cash prizes at stake, offering live games shows is an innovative approach to new and classic games. From Side Bet City to Lightning Dice, these games are crowd-pleasers. Players need only book a place at the table to play and possibly win!


For players who want a diverse selection of games, Unibet is the place. The jack-of-all-bets platform has almost every type of betting a gambler may request. However, it wouldn’t be a casino without good old-fashioned casino games. A secure gambling establishment, licenced with the UK Gaming Commission, the casino offers slots, table games, and card games. It is competitive with other casinos, offering bettors more than 1,000 games.

Mobile betting is also available, with apps accessible for download. Also, the casino uses third-party independent testing of its games by Gaming Associates, iTech Labs, and GLI. With all betting available in one place, Unibet lives up to its moniker.