Tips and Facts About Online Bingo on Unibet

Bingo! One of the most appreciated offline and online games of chance. And while offline it has a reputation as a game for older people, online it appeals to everyone, including a relatively young audience. This isn’t surprising because, despite its appearance, bingo is a fun game. The most complicated part is to understand the rules of it. So here is a little guide that will help novices discover both the game of bingo and the advantages of playing it on Unibet.

unibet-bingoOnline Bingo; the Basics

To understand how online bingo is played, one first needs to get an idea of the offline game. Overall, it is essential to understand that not all rules are static. It isn’t uncommon for the organiser to adapt them to his needs. However, on the whole, the principle is the same. To start a game, one will need to have:

  • At least as many bingo cards as there are players. Preferably, more cards are required, as some players may want to play several games.
  • A list of numbers, which can be numbered from 1 to 75 or from 1 to 90;
  • A ball blower or an electronic random number generator, depending on the conditions of the game.

On each card will be 25 numbers, regardless of whether the organiser is planning a 90-digit or a 75-digit game. There are six winning combination options:

  • The diagonal combination (to the left or to the right);
  • The horizontal combination;
  • The vertical combination;
  • The X combination;
  • Contour combination (this outlines the card);
  • Whole ticket combination.

The object of the game is to form the word BINGO in five consecutive squares. The organiser draws the balls and dictates the numbers to the audience. Once one player forms the word BINGO, the game stops, and the organiser will validate his line. The game will not end until all balls have been drawn, or all prizes have been distributed.

The requirements of the online game remain more or less the same:

  • Numbers are drawn (1 to 90 or 1 to 75);
  • Use of an electronic random number generator;
  • Cards to play.

The offline game usually takes place in a room. On Unibet, the game is played online, but the player is not isolated from the world. In a separate window, he will have access to chat with other players without difficulty. In the same window, you will see the numbers that have already been drawn and the list of players present. The atmosphere and the principle remain the same as in the offline game. The only thing that changes is that all players are in front of their computer or smartphone.

How to Play on Unibet?

The first thing to do for a novice will be to register on the site. The player will then have to buy a card to start the game. To maximise the chances of winning, the player can buy several cards. There’s no limit in this sense. The game begins once the application draws the numbers. All numbers are drawn randomly. The player will not need to mark his cards himself. The process is done automatically. Each time a number is called, the application notes it on the player’s card(s). As in the offline game, the player will win if he forms the word in five consecutive squares.

Online bingo is probably one of the most exciting games because it really allows the player to have a good time. Unlike other games, bingo does not pit players against each other. It is a very relaxing way to have fun and chat with friends or acquaintances. It’s not uncommon for game enthusiasts to end up getting along with each other, because they almost always find each other in the chat room.


Different Styles of Bingo

There are two types of bingo. These are 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo. However, Unibet offers another variant of 75-ball bingo. This means that in total the player can choose between three types of bingo.

Bingo: 75 Balls

On each card, there will be 5 rows and 5 columns. In the centre of it, there is a “free” square which is considered the starting square. In 75 ball bingo, Unibet offers 5 prizes. The first bingo row can be formed horizontally, diagonally or vertically. However, all subsequent lines will only win if they are horizontal. Prizes are only won on the extra lines, and the game ends when the full house is reached.

Bingo: 75 Balls, Option

This bingo is of more interest to Unibet players because it offers higher odds of winning than the previous version. The difference is that the cards are sold in strips of 3, so unlike the cards in the earlier version, all 75 numbers are represented. Since the tickets are more expensive, the prize pool is more significant and with it the prizes. However, the principle of the game remains the same.

Bingo: 90 Balls

It’s played with 90 numbers. Unibet offers 9×3 cards, and here only three prizes are available. The line only wins if it’s formed horizontally. This form of bingo will particularly appeal to those who hate wasting time. The tempo of the game is fast, and the games end quickly.

Advantages of Online Bingo

For novices, Unibet is the place to take those first steps. After registration, Unibet offers the player the possibility to learn freely for seven days. This is a big bonus for every novice because he will have not only time to learn the rules of the game but also practice. Even better, Unibet offers free bingo games. Here there are two options:

  • The player buys a ticket and gets one for free;
  • The player plays for free after accumulating some loyalty bonuses.

Two other forms of bonuses will delight the regulars. The first one is found in chats. Many games are offered on chat, and the most active players will be rewarded. The second form of bonus is the possibility to win a part of the prize if you get 3 or 4 good numbers. There is nothing better than Unibet to discover online bingo.