Horse Racing on Unibet: Relevant Facts

Betting on horse racing has been appreciated since antiquity. And although for a period it lost its popularity, it never completely disappeared from the betting public’s horizon. Interest in horse racing, or rather betting on horse racing, resurfaced two centuries ago. And since then, the number of fans has continued to grow. There is, however, a major problem. Most of these novices have a poor grasp of the rules of the game. To really enjoy the process, it is crucial to understand even the basic principles. Below are a few important notions that should be known before making the first bet.

unibet-horse-racingThe Basics

For a reason difficult to understand, some gamblers feel that they should be interested in odds, types of bets, etc. first. This information is undoubtedly important, but for a novice, it is far from being essential. The beginner will need to be interested in the horses themselves, and the jockeys and trainers. Horse racing is a sport like any other. This means that the physical condition of the players is decisive and can provide important clues. Some horses don’t stand a chance; not because they are weak, but because their competitors are far better. Others can perform miracles under any circumstances. A third category comprises fickle horses. Today, they are capable of impressive performances, but tomorrow, it will be difficult to recognise them.

The role of the jockey and the trainer must also be taken into consideration. Some trainers can work miracles and all their horses, even the slowest, end up with satisfactory results. The same is true for jockeys. Some can push their horses to the limit, others cannot do so. The right player is the one who can take all these nuances into consideration before making a bet. Yes, the odds take all these factors into consideration, but it is not superfluous to know them. The more you know, then the better your chances of winning.

The second aspect is the odds. On the Unibet website, the process is explained in great detail. The beginner will only have to study all the information that is provided.

Different Bets

Once the player has familiarised himself with the above notions, he can move on to the betting forms. Unibet offers its customers a wide range of betting forms.

  • Bet to win; this is the simplest bet. The bettor just has to bet on the horse he thinks is the strongest. He can limit himself to a single bet or bet on several horses to increase his chances.
  • Each way betting; here the player can bet both on the place of the selected horse and the win. This bet is interesting because, in case of winning, the player will win on two bets at once.

These two categories are most appreciated. However, Unibet offers other, even juicier betting options. These are the so-called exotic betting options. Here, the bettor can bet on more than one horse at a time but is no longer obliged to bet only on the first two positions. He will choose the positions of the horses. He can bet in the exact order of arrival or make a free bet on certain positions. In this category, Unibet offers three bets: Quinella bet, Trifecta bet, and Exacta bet.

  • Quinella bet; this bet allows the player to bet on two horses that will finish in first or second place. The bettor can even select more than two horses. The important thing is that at least one of the selected horses finishes first or second.
  • Trifecta bet; the bet is made on the first three positions. The bettor shall choose the horses which will occupy these positions in a specific order. He will win only if the trio arrives in the exact order.
  • Exacta bet; is a stricter variant of Quinella bet. Here, the punter will have to bet on the first five in order. He will win only if the horses arrive in the exact order.

Betting on Unibet is relatively easy to do. Upon entering the interface, the bettor will click on the Starting Price (SP) button. He will immediately get a list of all initial odds. After that, he will just have to choose the bet and place his bets.


Types of Races

If horse A is faster than horse D but slower than horse Y, it will have a good chance of winning a race where it only faces horse D, but this will change if it has to face both horses D and Y. The size of the racetrack sometimes allows up to forty horses to be lined up.

Besides the number of horses, the bettor will also have to take an interest in the distance to be covered. A horse that performs exceptionally well over 800 m will not do so over 4500 m. Races take place in two formats; flat races and pursuit races.

Advantages on Unibet

Horse racing is widely appreciated on Unibet, and this is not surprising when you consider that Unibet offers its customers the opportunity to bet on almost every major race in the world. Whether it’s England, Australia or the United States, bettors will have a wide range of choices. Why choose Unibet and not another? It takes care of its bettors. The interface is so simple that even a novice will get by without a problem. He will connect easily from any part of the world, even without a computer. The mobile application is also very easy to download and use. Thanks to it, the bettor will follow the races live if he wants to. For regular punters, Unibet often offers free betting options and many other bonuses. A bettor who wants to get the most out of his betting and increase his chances of winning, can do so by signing up only on Unibet. Horse racing is a very interesting and fun activity. As long as the bettor has at least mastered the basic rules, he will appreciate all the options offered by Unibet. Anyone taking their first steps in the world of horse racing should no longer hesitate.