A Complete Guide to Unibet Sports Betting

Unibet is one of the largest and most popular online sports betting websites with operations all across Europe. Its various platforms allow players to place bets on all sorts of sporting games and other events. While the website is well known for its ease of use, the world of online sports betting can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming for a newcomer. This guide will explain how the Unibet website works, look at some of the features that allow players to get the most out of their online gaming experience and explain some of the measures that the site has put in place to ensure responsible gambling.

The website is available to players in most European countries, as well as a number of other locations around the world. As gambling laws relax, the website regularly moves into new countries, states and territories, allowing more people to join the fun associated with online sports betting.

Sign-up Bonuses

Newcomers to Unibet website should keep an eye on signup bonuses which are available on their first bet. While the nature of these offers does vary, they are often only available to first time players and for this reason, it is well worth it as it ensures that the players take full advantage of the site before risking their money.

unibet-bettingDepositing and Withdrawing Money

Bets at Unibet are not made directly using a credit or debit card. Instead, a player has to add money to their account using one of the supported payment methods. Most major credit and debit cards are supported, and there is also a large number of other options for players who don’t want to use such cards. The same is true for players who have won a bet. The money is not deposited straight into a bank account or returned to a credit card. Instead, the money will be placed into the player’s account, and they will have to decide how they would like to withdraw it. Fortunately, as with deposits, a large number of withdrawal methods is available, and players will have few issues getting their hands on the money that they have won. For banking, Unibet supports e-wallats (e.g. Neteller and Skrill), Paysafecard, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and Ukash.

Understanding the Odds

Online sports betting websites work by offering odds on events that are due to take place. When a player sees a set of odds that they like, they can choose to stake money on those odds, and if they are correct in predicting the outcome of the game, they will win the bet. What makes Unibet different from many other sportsbooks in the online gambling world (and online casinos that offer sports betting as a small side-line operation) is the huge number of events which they are able to take bets on. It would be difficult to find a professionally recognised sporting event taking place in Europe which is not covered on the Unibet website. For this reason, many sports fans from all over the continent choose to place bets at the website, and they has been able to grow into one of the largest and most trusted operators.

In general, though, it is recommended that players stick to placing bets on sports with which they are familiar. This is because a punter with good understanding of the team that they are betting on, its players and their performance, is far more likely to correctly predict the outcome of a sporting event in which such a team is a participant. While some people do develop an interest in more obscure sporting events in the hope of finding better odds, this is a strategy for experienced gamblers only. Newcomers are more likely to get enjoyment (and winnings) out of online betting by sticking to sporting events that they understand. Any offers that are made to new players are also generally limited to the biggest sporting events as this allows the operators of the website to attract a large number of players with their promotions.


Other Betting Features

Once a bet has been placed, there are a number of other actions that a player can complete in order to keep things exciting while they wait for the game that they have placed a bet on to come to an end and for the result to be announced. This may include the option to cash-out a bet midway through the play. This offers the player an amount of money smaller than the amount that they would win if their initial bet were to be paid out after the final whistle. This offers players a choice between waiting for the end of a game to see what the result is and taking their winnings right away. This way, players are sure to win some money even if the match does not end as predicted.

In some cases, Unibet also offers players a chance to watch the event that they have placed a bet on live in their browser. This makes it much easier for a player to feel being close to the action and also keep up with the progress of the game. This helps them to know if they should cash out or wait for the event to come to an end. All of these features come together to make Unibet one of the best online betting sites that are currently available.

Responsible Gambling

The world of sports betting can be immense fun, but some players worry about keeping control of their betting behaviour. Fortunately, Unibet understands this issue and has put in place a number of features to ensure that players are able to protect themselves and have fun while they are betting on their favourite sports. These features include the ability to limit how much money is placed into an account at any one time. Any player who wants to surpass this limit will have to wait through a cooling-off period before the change that they have requested comes into effect. All of these measures are designed to allow players to play responsibly and avoid spending more money on gambling than they had intended to.