Myths and Legends that Confuse Beginners

More and more people are interested in online gambling. Online casinos have nothing but advantages, at least for beginners. They can practise as they wish before moving on to real bets. In contrast to traditional casinos, online casinos offer bonuses to their customers, which allows the player to increase their chances of winning by spending less. Last but not least, users have much more freedom. The player doesn’t have to stop his or her activities to go to a casino for relaxation. They can log in from their smartphone, tablet or computer and have fun. If the player wants to end the game, they can simply close the application and go about their business.

However, there is a problem. All novices read the many articles available online to improve their knowledge. However, many of them repeat myths that often lead players astray instead of helping them. What are they? How did they appear and what are the casinos doing to stop them? What approach has Unibet taken to help its players?

payment_methodsAre Online Casinos Safe?

This issue is rather an old fear that is difficult to eradicate and not a real legend created from scratch. In the 90s, the first online casinos that appeared were far from perfect. In fact, there were absolutely no clear regulations for online casinos. One could play without fear in the classic casinos, but as far as online casinos were concerned, it was a different matter. There were some who were honest and had a very good reputation. Others practised extortion, and players were robbed of their money. Because of the lack of regulation, Internet users could not tell the difference between the wheat and the chaff.

A few years later, following many complaints, almost all countries put in place very strict regulations. Online casinos are now as much, if not more, controlled than traditional casinos. Better, even so, the software companies they cooperate with want to maintain an impeccable reputation. They therefore only offer their customers flawless products. The fears of the past are no longer valid, but they are still present among those who do not follow the trend. This is the case with Unibet. This site has existed several decades and has already built up an impeccable reputation. Whatever the fears of future players, the multiple opinions of their customers should be enough to put them in a position of trust, which provides its customers with all the information they need to feel safe playing on the site.

RTP Means Always Guaranteed Gains

When choosing slots, all online gamers recommend choosing only the machines with the highest RTPs. The RTP represents the payout rate of a slot machine. A slot machine with a X% RTP will payout X% of the money received to the players. This means that for every euro spent, X cents will be redistributed as prize money. This amount will make up the jackpot. However, there is a problem. Many beginners have the feeling that if they spend 1 euro, they will get X cents back. This myth leads some players to spend huge sums of money hoping they can easily get their money back. It’s a decoy!

RTP is the payout rate and the higher it is, the better. And that’s exactly what Unibet offers. Almost all the slot machines available on the site offer exceptionally high RTPs. However, the player should keep in mind that the rate is only a probability. Consequently, it is possible to spend without winning per second. Note that it also does not mean that the player will spend fortunes without winning. It is important to choose slot machines with high RTPs as it increases the player’s chances of winning considerably. He will not get back almost all his investment. His winnings may be equal to that amount, lower or even much higher.


Real Slots Pay More (or Not)

It isn’t uncommon to read that it is better to play slots at regular casinos because the odds of winning are much higher. The online machines could be easily manipulated, unlike conventional slots. Some people believe that it is also possible to increase the odds by simply letting other players bet before. This is a phenomenon that is typical in many traditional casinos. It is not uncommon to see people patiently waiting for other players to bet large sums of money on slot machines.

The technique is not new and sometimes it can even be effective, but this is not always the case. It is not uncommon to see players winning huge jackpots by following this approach, but it is also not uncommon to see players who have not wasted time watching the machines win the same jackpots. They walk in, bet a few coins, sometimes just one, and it’s done.

On closer inspection, it’s even better to opt for virtual machines. It is impossible to know how many people have played, but one thing is certain, the numbers are definitely higher in an online casino, particularly on a site as popular as Unibet. Thousands of people play these slots simultaneously every day.

Unibet and Myths

Unibet is one of those casinos that provide plenty of information to help beginners get started and play without fear. They will find many articles on the site where everything is explained, for example, the principles of the games and the functioning of all parts of the site. By reading all the articles on the site, the beginner can get an idea, even if only an approximate idea of all the rules.

The only way to put an end to the myths is to provide all players with enough information. On the Unibet website, there are several sections reserved solely for this purpose. Even better, the player can take advantage of the free games to train and assimilate all the knowledge received. It must be said that Unibet is the site par excellence for any beginner. Notoriety, experience, seniority, Unibet has all the assets to put an end to players’ fears.