Unibet No Deposit Bonus: Why Its Absence is No Cause For Alarm


A no deposit bonus is one of the most popular carrots that betting houses dangle to lure customers into playing in them. It is a bonus that people receive for merely showing interest in a betting platform by signing up.


It may, therefore, be frustrating for some players to find out that a great site such as Unibet does not give so much attention to no-deposit bonuses. At first instance, such a person may be tempted to avoid the site and go for one that offers such bonuses. If one cares to look beyond the surface, however, they will notice that Unibet provides many other benefits that surpass the no deposit bonus by far.


Unibet No-Deposit Bonuses


The most a player is likely to receive in the form of a no-deposit bonus when they join the Unibet website are just a few free spins. They do not compare to what is likely to be offered in other houses and players are unlikely to win any substantive amounts of money. Basically, the site has bigger fish to fry and encourages users to look at other more beneficial offers available.



no-deposit-bonusWhat Other Unibet Offers Beat the No-Deposit Bonus?


There are various other free goodies that Unibet players can enjoy. These include:



First Deposit Bonus



Upon making the initial deposit, Unibet offers a matchup to its players. The exact amount of the bonus depends on the amount deposited until the limit is reached. This is much better than a no-deposit bonus as it gives the player the freedom to choose the bonus they get. If they want a small bonus, they make a small deposit and vice versa.



Some players prefer working with small bonuses so that they can easily control their wagering requirements. Such players will delight in the control that the first deposit bonus gives them.



The first deposit bonus does not necessarily refer to one deposit. Sometimes, it is spread across several initial deposits, say the first five deposits. This model usually works on a decreasing percentage, such that the first deposit receives the most substantial boost, and the fifth one gets the smallest boost.



This model can also be more useful than the no-deposit bonus. In this mode, players get to understand the site and the games in it as they go, and continue receiving bonuses even when they have been around for a while.



Refer-A-Friend Bonus



While a player may not benefit from simply signing up on Unibet, there is always a reward for bringing others to the fold. The site offers a bountiful reward for players who refer up to five friends to sign up and play on it. This means that unlike the no-deposit bonus, which can only be enjoyed when one is new to the house, the refer-a-friend bonus can be exploited even when one has been playing on the site for a while.



Risk-Free Bets



If no-deposit bonuses are meant to enable new players to acclimatize, Unibet covers for this with an initial risk-free bet. This is a promotion offered on the sports section of the site. It allows players to get a refund if their first bet on the site loses. In that way, the player can test how the house works without having to worry.



Regular Bonuses



Unibet does not want to reward players when they join. Rather, it keeps rolling out rewards regularly to keep its players motivated. There are bonuses across sports and casino games happening frequently. In football, for example, the site has a running refund programme whereby first scorer bets that lose within the first ten minutes of a game are reimbursed.



There are also poker bonuses, bingo offers and pooled pots that are shared by winners who top point-accumulation leaderboards.



With all these offers, once a player gets into the thick of Unibet betting, the absence of a no-deposit bonus should be just but a small issue. But there might be those who feel that the same rewards can still be given even if a no-deposit bonus is available. There’s some truth in that, and trust a big betting site like Unibet to know as much. So what are the reasons for Unibet not having a no-deposit bonus?





Why Doesn’t Unibet Offer No-Deposit Bonuses?


Unibet Targets Serious Players



Many sites that offer no-deposit bonuses are new establishments that are looking to bring in players into their fold. The bonus is a way of popularising themselves among players. They want to hoodwink people to sign-up without looking at what is in store beyond the front. Many players who sign up on such sites take advantage of the no-deposit bonus then leave their sites redundant.



Unibet, on the other hand, is an established site that does not need to put up a false image. It has been in the market for a while and has a good testimony from those who have played in it. The site targets players who are serious about playing, so it does not have to maintain redundant accounts.



To Better Serve its Customers



By avoiding players who are likely to keep redundant accounts, Unibet can serve its active players better. It can maintain a healthy player database. Customer support, for instance, is better when there are only genuine players seeking attention. The site is also able to gather more accurate betting statistics that can be of use in planning for better service delivery.



Additionally, the bonuses and promotions offered by Unibet have better terms and conditions than would be possible with no-deposit bonuses. Usually, sites that offer no-deposit bonuses have harsh wagering requirements hidden in the fine details. The wagering requirements offered on deposit bonuses are much better given the player is already making an investment.





Although Unibet does not offer no-deposit bonuses, it is easy to see that there are more benefits than drawbacks of missing out on the offer. Unibet, being an established site, must have a good reason for avoiding the offer, as discussed above. Perhaps other betting houses need to follow Unibet’s example and offer their players better promotions instead. Read more about bonus codes here.