Unibet Bonus Codes: How Do They Affect the Playing Experience?

Bonus codes are a popular method used by casinos, betting sites and many other product sellers to attract customers to their products. The codes are usually a set of letters and digits that users input in certain areas of a website to claim certain rewards.



In the context of betting sites, bonus codes can be used to claim free spins in slot games, free bets in sportsbooks, and various rewards in table games.




Sometimes, bonus codes are offered on affiliate sites to indicate that the player found the betting site through the affiliate. In such instances, the player gets their reward, and the affiliate site receives a commission.





bonus-codesDoes Unibet Offer Bonus Codes?



No. That is the short answer, but any player should be interested in knowing why such a famous site such as Unibet does not offer bonus codes. It is, therefore, important to get into deeper detail about Why Unibet does not offer bonus codes.




To Safeguard Customers




While affiliate sites are a great way for many websites to market themselves, the model is always open to abuse. Often, unscrupulous dealers feign association with reputable sites by claiming to be offering such authoritative sites’ bonus codes. They then use the links to lead potential customers to sites where they are defrauded or scammed.




To avoid such instances, Unibet is careful with affiliates. In cases where Unibet uses affiliates, they are carefully vetted before approval. This ensures that players only provide personal details in a place where Unibet can guarantee their safety.




To Offer Better Quality Service




Unibet channels the energy and resources that would be used to develop bonus codes to offering better service in other areas. Such resources may go to creating a better site, providing better promotions for players or even supporting charity organizations.




Unibet Has Other Better Offers Than Bonus Codes




Unibet also avoids on-site bonus codes. It, instead, offers other rewards that are much more easily accessible and of greater benefit to players than bonus codes. Some of these offers include:




Welcome Bonuses




Players who sign up to the site often get rewards once they make their first (several) deposits. The bonuses could be in the form of matchups for amounts deposited or even free spins for slot games.




Cash-Back Bonuses




In sports betting, which is becoming more popular by the day, Unibet usually offers new players a cash-back bonus on their first bet. This is also called a risk-free bet because the player does not lose their stake if the bet does not go their way. Also read about our no deposit bonus.




Leaderboard Promotions




Quite often, Unibet runs promotions whereby players accumulate points as they go. The points are earned when qualifying bets win. The site then makes regular draws, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc., and provides a pool of money that is shared among a certain number of top players on the leaderboard. This promotion is paying players for winning, like a double win.




The above are just a few attractive alternatives to bonus codes that the Unibet website offers. The site has numerous other promotions that players should take advantage of. Still, this article focuses more on items surrounding bonus codes.





bonus-codes2Bonus Codes Drawbacks



For Unibet to move away from the use of bonus codes, the site must have made an informed decision. Users need to understand the reasons that inform such decisions to appreciate them.




Eliminating Duplication of Tasks




Primarily, bonus codes are used to claim the same rewards that can be received without having to input a complicated set of numbers or letters. For instance, a player may input a bonus code to get free spins or free bets at a poker table.




Why, then, not make it possible for players to claim the free spins or bets directly without having to go through a form filling process? Using the much better ‘opt-in’ model, Unibet has made it much easier and faster for users to claim rewards.




In the modern internet age, users want processes to move fast, especially when they transact online. Bonus codes are more of an old way of doing things that is slow, complicated and takes users through unnecessary processes.




Bonus Codes Slow Down Operation




Most times, one needs to open a separate window in which to input the bonus code. One as to keep switching between windows to input the bonus code and activate it. Often, the code is a combination that is case sensitive and will not work if not copied and pasted properly. This wastes a lot of playing time, something that does not sit well with casino gaming.




Keeping a Bonus Code is Problematic




Bonus codes often expire within a short time. If not, the player needs to find a place to store the code safely for future use. This is quite problematic, and the chances of the code getting lost or forgotten are high. Conversely, merely opting into a promotion automatically qualifies the player for the offer, and it can sit valid until the player is ready to use it.




Is the Use of Bonus Codes Coming to an End?




While the use of bonus codes is still widespread across the internet, it does not appear as though they will be around much longer. Their very model of operation makes them unsuitable for the modern internet user. They are slow and troublesome, two factors that cannot survive in the modern internet space.




That reputable companies such as Unibet are ditching bonus codes is also a tell-tale sign. Such huge websites are trendsetters, and whatever they start takes root after a not-so-long while. As such, there is not much wisdom in betting on the longevity of bonus codes.








As mentioned in the beginning, one might be disappointed when they initially realize that Unibet does not offer bonus codes. However, a look at the discussion above will reveal that there is no loss incurred in avoiding this model of play. It is beneficial to players that Unibet avoids bonus codes. The Unibet site offers much better and easier-to-use rewards in place of bonus codes.