Unibet Free Spins


Are there actually any Unibet free spins for players in Canada? This is undoubtedly among the most popular questions gamblers ask. Here, find everything players need to know about Unibet free spins and other promotions from the newest kid on the block.


But just before diving more in-depth, here are a few background facts to know about Unibet Canada.


About Unibet Canada


Unibet Casino is among the oldest casinos around, but the operator, Kindred Group, had not explored the US and Canadian markets. This was until recently when they launched operations in Canada and several states in the US. Unibet Canada allows players from all the provinces except Quebec.


What is a Free Spin?


Free spins is a term every online slot enthusiast has come across. A free spin is a chance to spin a reel of any of the slot machines for free. Free spins attract winnings, just like regular slot machine games played with real money spins.


There are two main types of free spins. First is the no-deposit free spins, and these are awarded upon registration. On the other hand, deposit free spins tag along with deposit bonuses.


The next thing is about how free spins work. Many players get skeptical about free spins, but the truth of the matter is, that these are genuine offers. Well, a free spin isn’t costly. Hence, most marketers use them as freebies for specific calls to action, for example, new registrations, deposits, and so on.


While it’s possible to make money from free spins, it’s not a walk in the park. This is because of the strict wagering requirements. Gamblers need to play through a certain number of times before they can withdraw money won from free spins.


Unibet Free Spins


Now, back to the question of the day, does Unibet Canada have free spins? Unfortunately, there are no free spins on Unibet Canada, though these offers are available on other Unibet platforms. Well, the company looks mean, but then, this is the perfect deal for online slots players who don’t want any restrictions.


While Unibet doesn’t have free spins for Canadian players, there are several other offers for both new and existing players. These promotions cut across all games and include sports offers, casino offers, bingo offers, poker offers, and a referral program.


Below are the popular promotions offered instead of free spins.


free-spinsStars and Stripes Jackpot Raffle


Unibet Canada, the land of the free bets, boasts Stars and Stripes, a weekly jackpot raffle. Every week, Unibet Canada awards bettors with free money. To participate in this promotion, bet the required minimum on the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL. Draws are held every Monday, and payments are made in a few minutes. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to avoid inconveniences.


Weekend Winner Spins


This is a special promotion for Canadian bingo fans. Enter the tournament and earn for every bingo slot won. This promotion runs from Friday to Sunday. Players enter this promotion automatically, and the current standings are on display at the bingo promotions page. Winners get the free spins immediately when the draw is announced.


Super Saturday Game


Make sure to mark the last Saturday of every month for the Super Saturday, which has a boosted prize pot. The good thing about this bingo promotion is that tickets are up for sale weeks before the main game starts. Read the terms and conditions to avoid disappointments.


Weekly Freerolls


To participate in any of the Weekly Freerolls, players have to bet on any of the sports on Unibet. The promotions run between Tuesday and Thursday and Friday and Monday. The ticket is automatically credited to players’ accounts. Access the poker lobby to view the ticket. Please note the freerolls are limited and also, terms and conditions apply.


Daily Bounty Freerolls


Every other day of the week, Unibet Canada has freerolls, a cool way to add money to the Unibet Canada account at no expense. Bounty freerolls are basically tickets for cash games and Unibet tournaments. The highlights here include Bounty Hold ’em Freeroll, GTD Bounty Omaha Freeroll, and Unibet Open Bounty Freerolls. The thrill is stepped up now that players can eliminate others and earn knockout cents. To keep abreast of the latest Unibet daily bounty freerolls, make sure to check out the promotions page frequently. Also, here, terms and conditions apply.


HexaPro Poker Jackpot


This is the most thrilling, and adrenaline-filled poker promotion where massive cash jackpots are up for grabs. Players need to check out the countdown on the poker banner in any of the Unibet Canada platforms. As the counter goes down, the odds of winning go up – that’s the joy of HexaPro Poker Jackpot.


MTT Player of the Year


Get Unibet Canada bragging rights by participating in the MTT Player of the Month, Player of the Quarter, and Player of the Year tournaments. And it’s straightforward; enter the eligible tournaments with low or high buy-ins to win the coveted avatars and poker tickets. To check the live and complete leaderboards, visit the Unibet Canada website on the MTT Player of the Year page.




Refer a Friend Bonus


This is a lucrative promotion scheme that awards players who refer new players. It works just like an affiliate program. The Refer a Friend Bonus attracts free bets, deposit bonuses, and bonus money. To participate in this scheme, refer new players, known as friends. When they meet the bonus requirements, the reward is credited. But note the terms and conditions of this promotion. The referral bonus applies to friends out of Canada. It excludes players already registered on Unibet, and those who share the same IP address with the referrer. Also read more information about bonus codes.





There are no Unibet free spins, but instead, the casino offers other promotions for both new and existing players. While this makes it a mean casino, it remains a favourite for the seasoned slots players who don’t want to play with the strict wagering requirements. On top of that, there are other ongoing promotions instead.